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Scenic 18-Hole Mini Golf

Start off in our practice area and take a few shots as you get ready to begin the challenging course.

Decide who's going to score and what the stakes are and putt, putt, putt. Try to make par and you may come out on top versus your friend -- who'll be forced to treat for ice cream.


Batting Cages For All Ages

Recently introduced to Caddy Shack, our versatile batting cages, installed for both baseball and softball, truly offer an experience worth remembering.

We gladly adjust machine settings to allow for children and adults of all sizes to enjoy our complex. Feel free to ask.

Haven't batted in a while? We have slow, medium, and fast settings to allow you to get your swing back and move up gradually.


Don't Forget Bumper Boats

Let's face it -- keeping cool this summer is a must; now you can with a relaxing (or aggressive) ride in our bumper boats. The type of ride is up to your driving and aiming skills!

Running on electricity, our colorful boats are easy to control and steer. Your child will be a pro in no time.

Take advantage of our "built-in" water guns and fire at friends, with our guns reacing up to 15 feet!